Welcome to Soulfire Media Group

Soulfire Interactive Media Group is an organization of dedicated, experienced website designers and developers. We take the ultimate pride in helping you realize your online vision. Whether it be a small project or a large multi-tiered online system, we evaluate each and every aspect before formulating our build plan and bringing it to life.

Starting with an idea to create an experience instead of just a website, SFIMG came to life. In 2002, while attending The Art Institute of California – LA, Co-Founders Rick Rodriguez & David Folchi formed the first version of what would evolve into Soulfire Interactive Media Group. Realizing the revolution & relationship of the internet and people, SF*IMG set out to fuse dynamic skills into the utlimate online experience.

At Soulfire, we feel it is our duty to provide a special type of service for each client. We understand that our role in developing a new website, designing graphics, or even simply registering a domain name is an important investment. Our team is dedicated to each project, ensuring that all clients receive professional service from start to finish.


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